Who has the right to photographically represent problems of minority groups?

I designed and facilitated workshops during which young Romas have been arranging pinhole photo illustrations of Romani stories and tales written by a Roma poet Jan Mirga. Children prepare the tales' scenery and take photos with hand-made pinhole cameras. Every project scene ends with a happening touching upon issues of lack of the dialogue between neighbouring communities. The temporary exhibition showing the works of Roma children was prepared and is still rented to everyone who wants to show it. Until now it was exhibited in over 30 venues in both Poland and the UK.

In 2008, in London, the children picture book Romano Bumburumbum was printed and the photo album of the Romani Click's results from Polish settlements is due to be published soon. The project was exhibited internationally including in Austrian Parliament in Vienna and in 2nd Roma Pavilion in Venice International Arts Biennale. ROMANI CLICK project blossomed also with huge amounts of invitations from next "wojts" (leaders) to the next Romani settlements and with interest in follow-up actions of those settlements, who already took part in the project.

ROMANI CLICK is a result of collaboration with Malgorzata Mirga-Tas. The editions of this participative project were so far implemented in Szaflary (2007), Nowy Sacz (2008), Czarny Dunajec, Czarna Gora and Krosnica (2009),Ostrowsko(2012) and Maszkowice (2012) Nowy Sącz (2013) and Krakow (2013/2014) Roma settlements as well as in London, with Roma refugees from Poland and Slovakia.