(Marta Kotlarska)
  born in Warsaw, Poland
  currently based in New Delhi, India

People and their stories fascinate me. I am interested in storytelling as a collaborative phenomenon. My projects are created in the process of interactions. I have background in cultural anthropology, photography and design. I crave to understand the diversity of people's lives and believe that any attempt of understanding is an on-going process, which requires constant questioning and self-reflection. I aim to get an understanding, which can subsequently lead to social innovation. My creative process includes collaborations with a wide range of people from different communities, cultures and professions: from Roma children in Easter European Roma Settlements to a Himalaya Guide in India or Shamans from a small village in Nepal. I believe that we live surrounded by different and sometimes compelling narratives and contemporary art is a means of creating dialog between them. Arts should not be concerned with establishing general truths, but rather help to re-tell individual and group stories, in particular stories of those, whose voices are not sufficiently represented in mainstream discourse. 

In 2004 I founded the Click Academy (, an art group using pinhole photography as a means of social change through empowering communities to address the issues they face. Click Academy undertakes innovative projects, proving that it is possible to make “something out of nothing” with minimal expenditure.The results of my projects were exhibited internationally in various locations in UK, Poland, Austria, Nepal, India, Italy and China. I also participated in Austrian Parliament in Vienna, in 2nd Roma Pavilion “Call the Witness” during Venice International Arts Biennale, Delhi Photo Festival 2013, Xishuangbanna Photo Festival 2014 in China.